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High Street or Independent Business? Then #upthehighstreet is for you.

#upthehighstreet, Supports Small and Independent Businesses

Fine Dinning * Coffee shops * Beauty Salons * Retail * Fashion * Craft Stores * Independents * Graphic Designers * Property Agents * Photographer * Videographer * Caterer * Hotels * Glamping * Interior * Designer * Travel Agency * Business Coach * Gym Owner Plus many more…

Trading for New and established Businesses can be tough in today’s competitive climate. Never knowing how many customers/clients will walk through the door or purchase from you is something that can be great one day and stressful the next.

The list of Digital platforms is ever-expanding and it’s very difficult to know where to spend your time and money. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google AdWords, Local press, Instagram etc. They all have their pros and cons, but with the fast-paced world of technology, it’s very hard for many Businesses to keep up with the latest features and changes to algorithms.

Several hours per week or to employ someone to promote your business online isn’t
That why we have created #upthehighstreet

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We promote your City or Region,
with the strength of all local Businesses.

Imagine if every local Business Promoted your Business and vice versa.

This is how it works:
• Showcase your Business by giving us a monthly Prize i.e. Holiday
• Each month give us the artwork to promote your Business.
• Shout, scream & Talk about #upthehighstreet
We do the rest.
Each month we create a video with all the prizes. We also post your artwork on our social media channels.
As more and more businesses join us, we get more followers which means more people see your
post. But the greatest part is that if you get 1,000 hits or 10,000 you still pay the same amount.
• Get your Business in front of 1,0000’s.
• Let us do the hard work so you spend more time with your customers.
• Be part of a huge network.
Get all of these benefits for free.

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Some of the Awesome Companies who are using our Services

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how this works.

There is no catch. Just like many online services (Facebook, Instagram, Google) etc.. We offer a freemium plan (Basic) which gets you going and adds value to your Business. Then if you want to add more value you can upgrade to professional or premium. The choice is yours. We have something for every budget.
Yes. If you require design services, we have a professional designer who will work with you to create your ad. There is a charge of £100 + VAT per design which is extremely good value. The process is really simple, we’ll send you a briefing form so you can tell us what you want. We’ll ask you for any materials you have like logos and images, and then the designer will get in touch.
Yes, if your design matches the dimensions of the poster you are buying you can create your own artwork and upload it as a jpeg after you create your account. If not, we’ll provide you with a production specification and you’ll need to make the necessary adjustments before sending it to us. Please contact us for artwork specifications.
It's great that you already have somebody that manages your social media. Because this is something that we don't do. We only provide extra value. This is done by targeting another audience. Complimenting your existing page, as you can drive people towards it. But most importantly being in with other local Businesses increases your reach. The More Everyone promotes #UpTheHighStreet. The Bigger the Wins all round.
Paying for ads is great for targeting the audience you want. #UpTheHighStreet compliments this. For instance #BigWinSouthampton is aimed at people who live in the SO Area. We have a wide range of people that will include your target audience and because our basic package is free. You are in a win win situation.
Many Businesses work with and support charities locally and nationally. We believe our product is ethically sound. We don't ask you to support our charities, we are just explaining where the Bulk of the profit goes. We actually promote other charities via this service and we are happy to promote the work you do for any charity.


If you have any more questions? Then please get in touch.

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About Us

GI Media is a revolutionary Digital Out of Home (DOOH) media company. We aim to make Digital advertising affordable and accessible to all.

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Gi Media Pricing

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.

Basic Good free Solution to Start growing your Business Audience via Social media Free £0 1 Advert Per Month posted to facebook 1 Advert Per Month posted to Instagram Be part of the Video Prize draw Part of the Private Business Facebook Group Invite to the monthly Prize draw venue No hidden cost Get Started
Professional Do More and reach more, with multiple post per month. Including Videos and Instagram stories £6.25 pw

(£325 per year ex vat)

3 Adverts Per Month posted to Facebook
3 Adverts Per Month posted to Instagram Use Video in your Facebook advert Use Video in your Instagram advert 1 Story on Instagram Be part of the Video Prize draw Part of the Private Business Facebook Group Invite to the monthly Prize draw venue No hidden cost Get Started
Premium Special Digital Smart Boards from... £50 pw

From (£2,600 per year ex vat)

All the Benefits of the Professional Package, as long as #UpTheHighStreet is available in you area
Dedicated Account Manager Prime Locations Shorter lead times Multiple messages Reach. Be seen by 1,000's per day

No hidden cost

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